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The (almost) forgotten side of horror, cult and exploitation movies!

Many films that were hard to find two or three decades ago are now available on Blu-ray, DVD or even streaming. But at the same time, an important element that was partly responsible for the success (and failure) of these films is increasingly being forgotten: The posters and lobby cards that lured audiences to the box office.

Many of these items have become very hard to find, and collectors often spend a small fortune to complete a particular lobby set or add a sought-after poster to their collection. Even images of these items, especially complete lobby sets, are often nowhere to be found - not even online. And apart from recognised classics and mainstream films, poster and lobby cards from more "guilty pleasures" have rarely been documented in printed form.

But this is what CREEPY*IMAGES is all about. The magazine focuses entirely on rare and rarely seen movie posters and lobby sets from the more obscure horror and exploitation films from the 1950s to the early 1980s. 

Where else can you see the complete promotional material - posters and complete (!!!) lobby sets from various countries - movies like GATES OF HELL, BURIAL GROUND, DR. BUTCHER, ANTROPOPHAGUS, TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD or RE-ANIMATOR, just to name a few?

The magazine also features special features by guest writers who are themselves long time collectors of film memorabilia.

Almost every poster and lobby card you find in CREEPY*IMAGES is scanned or photographed directly from an original and carefully reproduced. We frequently purchase additional originals in order to provide our readers with the highest print quality.

  This is what you will find in CREEPY*IMAGES Volumes 1-3

Antrophophagus / Grim Reaper (German promotional material)
Le Notti del Terrore / Burial Ground (German promotional material)
Shock Waves (Italian promotional material)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (French promotional material)
Dracula contra Frankenstein / Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein (Spanish promotional material)

Zombi 2 / Zombie (German promotional material)
Re-Animator (Japanese promotional material)
Rossa Sangue / Absurd (French promotional material)
Suspiria (Spanish promotional material)
Jack el Destripador de Londres / 7 Murders for Scotland Yard (Italian promotional material)
Special: Dracula goes East - Hammer Horror in Japan by Armin Junge

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (German promotional material)
L'Aldila / The Beyond (French promotional material)
Profondo Rosso / Deep Red (Spanish promotional material)
La Noche del Terror Ciego / Tombs of the Blind Dead (German promotional material)
Special: Fantastic Film invades Germany by Andreas Schiefler

CREEPY*IMAGES - Volumes 1-3
ISBN: 978-3-00-078978-6
180 pages, 148 x 210mm, full colour

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