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Lasso is here to breathe new life into slippers! Lasso is more than a pair of slippers. It’s an innovative, fun and useful product, that will make being at home even more enjoyable. 

Lasso is an innovative and young brand that is taking an innovative approach to casual slippers and footwear. The Royal College of Art graduate Gaspard Tiné-Berès created Lasso in 2010 after he had the idea to make a slipper from a single piece of felt, sewn with sneaker laces. After 164 prototypes Tiné-Berès perfected the comfort and design of the Lasso slipper. Manufactured in Sellerie Parisienne, at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in the suburbs of Paris, a local enterprise that provides work opportunities for people with special needs.

Lasso slippers are so comfortable that once you put them on, you will never want to take them off again, even when you go to bed! They will keep your feet warm year-round and will also impress your house guests.

Working with a classic silhouette, the slippers are warm and comfortable, each slipper is constructed from a single piece of natural wool felt, their 3D form is created by the 2D geometry of their pattern. Using minimal and affordable tooling, the shapes are dye-cut from sheets of 5mm thick felt, which is essential for small-scale production. The slippers are delivered flat-packet and come with coloured laces that have to be threaded along the seam to create the finished slipper.

Last but not least, they are MADE IN FRANCE!