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There is no doubt the Egyptians did the world a great favour when they invented the umbrella more than 3400 years ago. But there is also no question that the umbrella as we know it now is far from perfect – we all have our stories of umbrella failures.

So when in 2004, our founder and creative mastermind Gerwin Hoogendoorn had three of his umbrellas break down within a week, he decided to finally do something about it: the umbrella was in dire need of an upgrade.

Two years later senz° was born with a promise: yes, senz° umbrellas don’t turn inside out because they are storm proof up to 100km/h. And yes, they feature special eyesavers to protect our fellow pedestrians. And yes, they are designed in a unique shape that will keep you dry from head to toe.

senz° original

The model that started the senz° movement. The comfortable aerodynamic umbrella that doesn't go inside-out and is windproof up to 100 km/h!

senz° automatic

The strong folding umbrella with extra power, which opens & closes by a simple push of the button. Windproof up to 80 km/h.