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LEON FLAM lives up to a tradition of genuine French craftsmanship. The styles, fabrics and accessories are exclusively designed and manufactured in France and Portugal.

The quality and finish of Leon Flam luggage is rooted in the age-old excellence of  the French crafts industry.
Each LEON FLAM bag is unique. Each and every piece is made with the greatest care and has its own registration number. LEON FLAM products will be with you until the end of every journey.
The Léon Flam workshop first opened in 1924 in Paris. As a demanding artisan,Léon manufactured leather and canvas bags. His growing reputation attracted all kinds of travellers of the Roaring Twenties.
Amongst them, were the young airmail pilots, the unsung heroes of the epic Aéropostale adventure. From Toulouse to Rio, they flew in open planes, only able to take with them the essentials.
Proud of this legacy, LEON FLAM gives birth to a new collection of luggage designed to be part of the modern traveller’s every journey.